Getting to know ESI

The entertainment scene in the UK, more specifically London is absolutely MASSIVE!

On a scene where rappers and singers seem to be getting all the attention it is definitely the time to shine the light on some of the other talent on the scene.

Meet Esi!

Esi, is a DJ/Presenter from West London. You may know her from Westside 89.6 FM as the sound to your weekend mornings on the Westside Connection show. Esi was kind enough to sit down with so that we can get to know her following her involvement in the highly entertaining clash on NO SIGNALL FM where she represented WSTRN as they were up against N DUBZ.  

What or who inspired you to become a DJ & Presenter? 

Esi “I’ve always been around music as my Dad manages a band. When I was younger, I used to listen to the radio before I went to sleep, stations like Platinum FM, Choice FM and even LBC – so I knew I always wanted to be on the radio”.

Describe what it was like to DJ in front of a crowed for the very first time 

Esi“I was so nervous, my hands were shaking, and I kept turning around to ask my friend, who’s also a DJ, if the mixes were okay”.

Do you feel that it can be hard getting recognised as a female within the entertainment industry?

Esi “Not really, because I feel like if you’re working hard enough then people will recognise you at some point. Also, I think that now is a good time, or a better time to be a woman who wants to present or DJ”. “I think sometimes it was hard to be taken seriously, but personally I think I’ve definitely managed to overcome that. It’s all about finding your niche or your scene or whatever and working hard there first”.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

Esi “I love working with new artists, playing music, making mixes and being able to tell a story with music”.

If you could DJ alongside any artist in the world who would it be and why?

Esi “I want to DJ for Beyoncé”!

During the lockdown period we have all been enjoying the sound clashes on NO SIGNALL. This week you were selecting tracks representing WSTRN in the WSTRN Vs N Dubz clash. How enjoyable was this experience for you to represent a group like WSTRN? 

Esi “It was sick, and I loved representing WSTRN because obviously I’m from West, so it made sense. I actually think they’re the coldest outside of this, so it was fun”.

Were you nervous about the outcome of the clash on social media?

Esi “I wasn’t nervous because I knew that regardless of the outcome, WSTRN make better music lol. This clash wasn’t too tense or anything, and I was speaking to their manager beforehand and we knew it’s whatever”. “It was always going to be a positive cos I played certain songs that I knew people would go and stream”.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to enter the entertainment industry as a DJ or Presenter?

Esi “I think this is a good time to learn how to brand yourself properly. Figure out what type of DJ or Presenter you want to be, who you want to speak to and what you want to be known for, then get to work”. “Everybody is DIY now so there’s no excuse really, start a podcast or something if you can’t get on a station, buy a cheap controller and watch YouTube videos and practice how to DJ”. “Reach out to artists you want to play, and once coro is done, ask DJs that you rate if you can follow them to their bookings”.

Post Lockdown, What’s Next for Esi?

Esi  “I’m going on holiday! Also, I was meant to DJ abroad this year for the first time ever, so in 2021 I’ll be able to tick that off my bucket list, and I plan to just get more work done”!

Big shout out to Esi for sitting down with and allowing us to get to know a bit about her and also dropping some gems for those who would want to start in the entertainment industry. 

Click this link to listen to the No Siganall clash were Esi represented WSTRN as the went head to head against N Dubz.

Catch up with Esi on twitter @esildn and also keep up with No Signall @theresnosignall for more clashes and live DJ streams. Tune into @thisiswestside daily to catch up with Esi live on the airwaves!

Social Media Reactions to Bugzy Malone’s Motorcycle Accident

Last night Manchester musician, Bugzy Malone was involved in a terrible Motorcycle accident.

The accident occurred last night , the location of which is unknown to, However it is known that Bugzy collided with a car whilst he was solo on a Motorcycle. There is no word on how many people where in the car that he collided with, but it is now known that Bugzy sustained “Serious injuries” and is now in hospital.

Video footage, that I will NOT post, leading up to the accident, showing Bugzy dressed in an orange puffer jacket and black helmet on a motorbike were quick to surface on twitter and other social media platforms and eventually very graphic footage of the Manchester rapper on the floor in the street where the accident happened also circulated on social media.

In some of the videos which were filmed by witnesses on snapchat showed that Bugzy Malone a.k.a Aaron Davis was coherent before emergency services arrived at the scene. The extent of his current condition is still unknown to the public.

As the UK is currently on “Lockdown” due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many questions as to why Mr. Davis was out on the streets at that time.

What I find so disturbing is that during a time where someone, known to the public or not, has been involved in a serious motor accident and could have potentially life changing injuries, some bystanders who are clearly millennials thought the first thing that they should do is post some on in a daily critical condition on social media. With Bugzy’s high profile status as a musician, the media was due to cover this incident in some way but it is very disturbing that millennials don’t seem to know how to act during serious situations. I have decided not to post the footage on as I do not condone such actions but this is a growing culture of collecting evidence of people at their lowest with some members of the public who do mostly appear to be millennials thinking that it is appropriate to have first-hand evidence in these situations to use for temporary clout.

This accident was clearly very serious and there have been very mixed reactions on social media:

At first it was concerning how graphic images were quick to be shared of someone in a very vulnerable and unfortunate position and the concern of was to question why these actions were made by millennials, young people who clearly would want the first angle on a story that was due to send shockwaves through a certain demographic. As you can see in the images above, at a time like this you would expect support on social media to be sympathetic towards a victim of serious motor incident however there seems to be a difference of views and opinions regarding the accident involving Bugzy Malone and also views of which appear to balance opinions of potential racism and prejudice towards Aaron Davis and his position as a celebrity and a black man as highlighted in the third image. The internet is open for freedom of speech and freedom to express thoughts and opinions, however is this really the time to express blatant negativity through unkind words and inappropriate distribution of images displaying a person in a clear critical condition?

The first quarter of 2020 has been an extremely surreal year for society as whole. With everything that is going on in the world now, we need to think about the things that we share, how it affects people and also is it really worth it?

We are wishing him nothing but a speedy recovery and prayers out to Bugzy!

Mr Exposed faces Social Media Backlash … Again

Keith Dube of the 3 Shots of Tequila podcast has been under fire this week on social media due to some resurfaced tweets. Mr Exposed also known as Keith Dube of Spotify podcast 3 Shots of Tequila, which also includes Marvin Abbey and events promoter Tazer Black, has somewhat been exposed (no pun intended) as some old tweets have resurfaced, where he has used degrading language towards women but more specifically darker skinned black women.


Colourism has been such a big topic in the media over recent months, where big figures in the public eye such as the President of the United States Donald Trump and some of our favourite UK figures such as presenter Maya Jama have had old tweets and comments they have made on social media platforms resurfaced and they have been put under public scrutiny due to the comments that they had made about black women.

If you follow Keith on social media you will understand that he is a very open, straight talking and strong minded individual. He shares opinions of which can make you think outside of the box and also some opinions where you may have to question mark it in your mind. As a strong social media figure with just over 45,000 twitter followers, he is now at the forefront of a Twitter scandal where he has used derogatory language in relation to black women of darker skin shades and comparing them to black women with lighter skin shades.


Mr Exposed took to his Instagram story to defend himself over the tweets made back in 2012. This is not the first time these tweets have resurfaced on twitter. Back in 2017 Keith had publicly apologised on social media for the comments that he had made, and history has now repeated itself in 2019.

To be really honest, these tweets were put out there a long time ago now and it is no secret that people love to drag things on social media especially when you’re in the public eye. In his apology from 2017 and from his most current statement around the tweets, Mr Exposed has clearly seen how things can escalate on social media especially from a time where he even says that “he had too much time on his hands”. The comments he made about darker skinned black women are indeed disgusting and extremely ignorant but from his apology I gather that this came from a place of immaturity.

Colourism and degrading of men or women of any colour shouldn’t be tolerated on any level. As part of a generation of social media, we should keep our eyes open and also realise what is appropriate to share and what isn’t. Individuals are entitled to their own opinions however we should not allow colourism to be a topic of any joke or what some would consider as banter.

Just as the tweets resurfaced, there is now a whole new reason Mr Exposed is a trending topic as the news hit social media platforms that he had trademarked the title of The Receipts Podcast which is the name of another popular podcast also exclusive to Spotify. He trademarked the name in mid- August this year and some other tweets have surfaced where Mr Exposed tweeted “When I’m bored, I trademark other people’s things”.


The ladies of The Receipts PodcastAudrey (formally known as Ghana’s finest), Tolly T and Milena Sanchez are yet to comment on the recent events surrounding Mr Exposed trademarking the name of their podcast however Tolly uploaded a gif of Comedian Mo’nique where she says “when you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite” and some people are taking it as shade.

There seems to be no word so far on why Keith decided to make this move, but I don’t think the ladies of The Receipts are happy about this, would you be happy if somebody trademarked your brand?

On a brighter note shout out to the ladies of The Receipts Podcast who are doing major things right now. Catch the them on their live UK tour which starts on 13th October 2019 in London. You can also catch them in surrounding cities such as Nottingham, Birmingham and Coventry. Grab Last minute tickets on 

Shout out to the guys on the 3 Shots of Tequila Podcast, be sure to follow them on Spotify and also grab your tickets to 3 Shots of Tequila and friends live show in December on

Ban Drill

A short film released by Krept & Konan, directed by Rapman has highlighted what civilians need to understand when it comes to Drill music.

Ban Drill is a short adaptation of the life and surroundings of young people who are affected by a life of drugs, violence and what modern day society labels as Drill music.

There have been protests in the city, online and within the media about the relationship between Drill music and violent crimes in London among young people, to the point where some Drill music videos are taken down from platforms such as YouTube.

In 2018, there were 119 homicides in London. This number includes the number of young people who have been killed, stabbed or shot in that year.

So far in 2019 there have been over 30 violent crimes in London some of which claimed victims as young as 14.

With the rise in violent crimes, it has been expressed on social media platforms and the news that people who are from middle class backgrounds and parliament are narrowing down the fault of current death rates of young people and homicides to Drill Music as most victims of these crimes are from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Drill music is a music genre, similar to rap and grime which is currently being one of the main points in parliament as the reason for violent crimes among young people.

On the internet Drill music is displayed usually by a group of young, mostly black males dressed in hoodies and balaclavas. Listening to the content of Drill music you will here references to drugs and violence. Although this doesn’t sound so positive, is this the main reason of violent crimes against young people?

Watching the news, most victims of stabbings and shootings are young, mostly males and are of ethnic minority backgrounds. With some cases being linked to gang relations and drugs, can drill music still be blamed?

Just under a week ago Krept & Konan released Ban Drill. A short story directed by Shiro’s story creator, Rapman.

Ban drill starring Krept and Konan and a few other familiar faces from the UK music scene including the likes of UKNWN T, Abra Cadabra, D Block Europe & Youngs Teflon shows the negative outcomes of banning something that young people are clearly using to express themselves in a genre that is current and enjoyable for the modern day demographic.

The story shows the upbringing of a young black male from what society would describe as an urban neighbourhood and how he got caught up in a life of drugs and violence and also shows how his life turns out without the Drill ban; showing his success in music and turning him away from a life that the middle class would expect of young male from an ethnic minority & low income background.

This project in my eyes, is an absolute triumph! Those supporting the proposed ban on drill music in the media are people from middle class backgrounds who refer to both Drill and rap musicians as thugs and this is due to the visual representation and media portrayal of the genre.

Krept and Konan have shown the masses that there are indeed hardships for young people from low income, ethnic minority households & neighbourhoods which consequentially ends up in a life of crime & jail.

However, the key of this project was to show what could be a positive outcome of not banning Drill music and allowing young people to express themselves with this genre and focus on developing talent rather than cutting corners because they have no outlet which ends up in a series of negative consequences.

Within a week and over a million views later, Krept and Konan were invited to parliament on 18/06/2019 to discuss the proposed ban on drill music with Diane Abbott MP. There is no exact feedback from how the meeting went but from what Krept & Konan have shared on social media so far, it seems like everything went well.


Banning Drill Music is truly a topic worth debating, whether is it a lack of understanding or generalising stereotypes of young people. This is a discussion that should be trending across various media platforms to allow young people not to have limitations of something that is a form of expression and is generally a current trend. After all, Drake jumped on a Drill beat …

If you haven’t watch BAN DRILL click here.

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Little is a good-humoured movie that will ensure a lot of big laughs!

Earlier this week I got the chance to have a sneaky peak of the new movie, directed by Tina Gordon, in London’s west end courtesy of Vamp UK.

Little has some big names in its starting roles; Regina Hall plays a 38-year-old, uptight tech boss from hell who is the opposite of what she used to be in middle a school as nerdy, science intrigued youngster. When she is bullied because of her unpopular fro, nerdy glasses and academic interests her parents assure her that when she’s older she will be the boss in whatever situation she puts her mind to.

Regina Hall

Halls’ character, Jordan Sanders, is the owner of a tech company which is about to lose its biggest client. The boss from hell, Sanders, seems to intimidate most of her employees with her stinky attitude, no sense of humour and her dislike of carbohydrates at her establishment. She soon meets her match when she has a face off with a magic obsessed little girl who calls her out for being mean to her assistant, April and wishes that Jordan goes back in time to become the little girl awkward that she once was with hopes that she experiences the not too so nice energy she gives to others.

Issa Rae, of HBO’s Insecure, plays her down to earth right-hand, fun loving, witty assistant, April who is always on the receiving end of her hellish boss’s attitude.

Issa Rae

During this time, April has an amazing idea that can potentially save Jordan’s company. As she constantly put down by Jordan’s belittling remarks and always being reminded, she’s just the assistant, she tries to talk to her boss with hopes that her idea will be taken seriously and that she can elevate in her role, but this proves to be a challenge.

Marsai Martin who is best known for starring in ABC’s Black-ish, plays “little” Jordan Sanders. This young lady’s performance is absolutely amazing. She truly executed the role of a grown woman in a young woman’s body with such Witt, sass and a lot of charm. She brought a lot of humour and confidence to the character of little Jordan.

Marsai Martin

On screen, little Jordan gets the chance to go back to middle school and becomes the person that she wanted to be, with a few challenges and bullies of course. Just know she definitely styled on them kids!

Singer and now turned actor, Luke James plays big Jordan’s love interest in the movie. When he comes across little Jordan, he is confused as to who she is. He begins to have some assumptions as to who the little girl is, but can he work out that it’s the Jordan he is smitten with in a little girl’s body?

Luke James

The movie produced by Will Packer brings lots of laughs and shares themes of love and friendship.

The film will be released nationally on Friday 12th April 2019.

Overall, I would give #LittleMovie a smashing 9/10!

If you like a movie with a little adventure, lots of laughs, shady punch lines and looking at Luke James’s HOT body then I deffo recommended #LittleMovie.

When you see the movie don’t forget to use the hashtag #LittleMovie on social media!

Thanks to Vamp UK for putting on an amazing screening event – Check out their social media pages for all the cool work they do with some of your favourite social media influencers.


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The First Time I Heard Nipsey …

It took me a while to write this piece as I thought I’d never be dedicating a post to someone who has inspired me through their music and also their humanitarian acts under such circumstances.

Nipsey Hussle mostly known for being a rapper unfortunately lost his life on Sunday 31stMarch 2019 in his home town of Los Angeles, California. He was 33 years old at the time.

Nipsey Hussle

I remember the first time I ever heard the name, Nipsey Hussle.

Around 2009/ 2010 at this time BET was still a fairly new TV channel in the UK and 106 & Park was still in production.

One day, I was watching an episode of 106 & Park and in their countdown of new music videos, I saw a video to a song called “Ice cream paint job  by an artist who goes by the name of Dorrough. I thought the beat on the song was so sick that I quickly downloaded the song onto my purple iPod Nano.

When I downloaded the song, I didn’t realise that instead I had downloaded a remix version of the song that I hadn’t even heard before. The artists on the remix to Ice cream paint job included Snoop Dogg, Jim Jones, Soulja Boy and Nipsey Hussle. To my surprise the remix was SO lit, and I instantly preferred it to the original version. I recognised every artist on the remix, but I remembered thinking “who is Nipsey Hussle”?

The song was in my 25 most played tracks on my iTunes playlist until the day I lost my iPod. Till this day, listening to that song, I patiently wait to hear Nipsey’s rugged voice and remembering my initial feeling of being surprised of hearing a new artist who had a vibe about them.

In late 2014, I was hanging out with my brothers and they were talking about getting tickets to see Nipsey Hussle. When I heard his name, again I remembered the first time I read his name and heard his voice. At the time, to be really honest I hadn’t caught up with Nipsey’s new music. My brothers persuade me to buy a ticket to his show at London’s o2 academy in Islington and they had told me to listen to the “Crenshaw”mixtape before listening to Mailbox Money which was the project he dropped just before his London show in February 2015.

I copped a ticket and I listened to both projects around the same time as his show was fast approaching. I still can’t put into words what went through my mind going through both projects track by track, but I knew that I could understand the artist that is Nipsey Hussle. His laid back  but still quite punchy tone sat very well with me, I always remembered thinking that he took his time to get his message across to his fans.

I have always loved rap music, but Nipsey made me really fall in love with craft and his lyricism more than I thought I would. I had favourite rappers before him, but that all changed.

Listening to Crenshaw in particular, I heard stories being told about the streets of Crenshaw/ Slauson, feelings about money and life being shared with people who have never known such a way of life & living. This may sound funny, but I can always picture what Crenshaw and Slauson looks like when listening to Nipsey even though I have never been to LA!

Going to see Nipsey at the o2 academy in Islington was my first rap concert and the best one hands down. I remember walking into the venue with my brothers, we had arrived before neighbourhood Nip took the stage. DJ Semtex was shutting down his warm up set by playing the biggest tracks at the time on rotation before the show began, this was the first time I had heard of DJ Semtex, little did I know how lit he was!

IMG_0274 2
Nipsey Hussle & Dj Semtex

Before I knew it, the lights dimmed, and boy was I in for a treat.

Nipsey walked on to the stage with his hood on and started performing All get right” from the Crenshaw mixtape. I was so gassed because till’ this very moment as I am writing this, “All get right” is my favourite rap song ever! The tune is just too wavy omdz!

I was shouting all the words so loud and I remember my brothers looking at me in shock, I guess they didn’t think I was going to be that into the show so early on or the fact that I really liked the song. He performed “U see us” straight after. Nipsey was so humbled by the reaction from his fans that he stopped right after the song, pulled out his phone and recorded his fans showing him love. What a moment! The crowd was cheering so loud but above all that noise he still expressed how much he loved his fans in London.

His stage presence was so amazing, he made his fans feel like we were another group of his homies. I enjoyed myself so much. Since then I called myself a certified fan of Nipsey Hussle.

Through social media and watching his interviews I learnt that he was doing a lot more than music. He was reshaping his neighbourhood. He was using his success to rebuild his community. As I learnt this, my respect for this man started growing bigger and bigger.

One thing that Nipsey has taught me, is to always look out for the people and places that helped build you. Not only that, he has taught me to keep my eyes open and always educate myself as he did.

As a business owner, rapper, father, spouse and pillar of his community Nipsey has shown us all to live with a purpose and make meaningful impacts with every move you make.

If you haven’t had the time to listen to his music or even given yourself time to be a fan, you still can. Nipsey’s hard work and messages is reflected in his music. Just because of his unfortunate passing doesn’t mean that you can’t respect his artistry or show him some love.

Sunday 31stMarch 2019 was a devastating day for the hip-hop community.


Ermias Joseph Asghedom a.k.a Nipsey Hussle left behind a spouse and two kids at the time of his passing. Let us keep them in now prayers now and always.

Continue to stream and support his music and movement. The marathon continues, always.    

Thank you Nipsey for all you’ve taught us. Rest in Perfect Peace.



Ones to watch 2019 … Unsigned #3 March Edition

I thought I would do something different with this particular post. So many people reach out to me with music and info on emerging artists, so I decided to do a top 3 ones to watch list of unsigned artists who have recently released new material:

Naj Murph:

mula therapy

After weeks of dropping clues of a new video release, Naj Murph finally premieres “Mula Therapy.” The visually striking composition highlights the polar differences of having what seems like money (the monopoly money) to actually making real money. As he transitions from little money to big money, or fake money to real money – Murph is still living a movie.  Click here to watch his latest release – Mula Therapy 





Introducing Glorynade! she’s been doing her thing for a lil while but she is now ready to put her work as a soulful, RnB singer out there.

The song “Better” is Glorynade’s first official release and this one has been coming for a long time. The single is a combination of deep melodic sounds filtered through with her ever so graceful/resounding vocals making this a very compelling record for the autumn season and  further months ahead.

In her own words she describes the song as the following:

“Coming to the point of realisation that you are deserving of great things after picking up the wrong baggage along the way but it comes to a point that you to snap out of that mentality and wake up! Being your own person and making decisions that in general make you feel fulfilled with no regrets, whether it be in your own situation, supposed friendship circles or even in a relationship with a partner that you have you have over accommodated within your life for too long.”

Add “Better” by Glorynade to your playlists now for easy listening on all major platforms!




Razor returns with ‘DEM MAN THERE’ proving to us once and for
all that he is the Master of reality rap. No one can deliver an
uncomfortable outlook on their own life with a flow that makes you
feel guilty for nodding along quite like Razor.
But this is the writing style and approach Razor has been delivering to
us for years. You would notice a pattern in Razor’s delivery on
projects like ‘VENTING, 2010’, ‘REINVENTING, 2011’ and

Click here to watch the Newest visuals from Razor – “Dem man there”. 

Make sure you check out these guys on social media and support the hustle!


What did NuNu say?

Can we talk about Nunu for a minute?!

All my social media bugs would have seen earlier on today that sassy mouth Nunu Obe of BKChat London is trending on social media for the silliest reason … again.

Okay so here is some background on this lil situation. So, Nunu appeared on The Sex Clinic show on E4 to talk to a sexual health nurse about bacterial vaginosis, which is normal to talk about especially as a female. She felt that this was an issue due to the “fishy” smell coming from her private parts.

However, during the discussion Nunu disclosed that she doesn’t usually wash her vagina … Paddin?!!

This comment is now getting Nunu dragged all over social media and I can see why.

fullsizeoutput_1c05.jpeg  fullsizeoutput_1c08

Watching the clip of this conversation on Instagram I later discovered, just like everyone else, that she meant she doesn’t wash her vagina after sexual intercourse and she also seemed quite surprised when the sexual health nurse reminded her that the genital area needs to be washed twice a day.


It’s not a problem that she may not have known this (okay it is a problem because she’s a big woman tbh) but the issue that I have is how much Nunu likes to put herself in the firing line and the question on everyone’s lips is that … is she attempting to be controversial for the “clout”?

The BKChat London cast member continues to share comments that are seen as unpopular opinions or just a load of crap if I’m really honest.

Those of you that are familiar with Miss Obe would know her from appearing on season 2 of BKChat London. Since being casted for the show, Nunu and her mouth always seem to be in the line of fire.

We all remember when she came for her fellow veteran cast member Esther Falana and shaded Esther for being a young mum and also when she openly admitted during the second season of the popular YouTube show that she has once allowed a man to perform oral sex on her whilst being on here period (Lard have mercy).

She took things a step too far by watching the episode where she shared her intimate & foul oral sex story with her dad! And then sharing the experience on YouTube and other social media platforms.

When I have watched the BKChat London reunion shows since she joined the cast, she is always in the mix of some sort of madness because of the wild things she likes to verbally express. There was a time I felt sorry for her because I just thought that she is young, a bit naive and because of those factors she doesn’t know how to control her delivery of certain statements. Now I just feel like she knows exactly what she is doing and enjoys flexing her twitter fingers when it comes to the backlash she receives.

Nunu has always been very open on social media in voicing her thoughts and feelings on particular subjects but right now it seems like she likes to be deemed as controversial and enjoys the spotlight from the ridiculous things she brings to the attention of social media users. Also, to be quite fair she hasn’t hidden her feelings when comments made about her have made her emotional. Using social media as an outlet, she has made it clear that she does at times feel disrespected and she doesn’t want to come across a certain way but at the same time thinks her opinions are facts that need to be heard.

To round this up, I sincerely hope that in time she will understand that being controversial doesn’t always keep you popping but rather it is dragging you down. I also hope Miss Nunu, as a beautiful and independent young lady, can express herself in a better way if she doesn’t want to be misunderstood.

KJ Man By Kamila Jones …

Presenting Kamila Jones & KJ Man!

Kamila Jones is a lovely independent designer, who has just recently showcased her latest menswear collection at her first pop up shop.

It was a pleasure to be invited to the event and I must say it was a complete success. Her mens clothing line channels contemporary trends and possess oriental influence’s. I have a very positive feeling that this collection and her brand in general will generate some serious business and attention in 2019!

I was able to have a chat with the woman herself, Kamila Jones, to get to know her and why she has decided to take on men’s clothing as a female and conquering the fashion world independently:

Why decide to do men’s clothing as a female?

KJ: I do, do womenswear clothing but it is Premium high luxury fashion. My women’s wear designed for runways and bespoke orders. Custom made pieces, made from luxurious fabrics. My womenswear collection has landed on Vogue online, newspapers and magazines. So, the reason I launched a menswear collection is because it is current and very on trend. My menswear is ready to wear and everyone can have access to buying it.

What are your main inspirations when it comes to designing?

KJ: Exceeding Expectations. What can I design that People will love? Japanese culture and style have had a large influence in my designs and that is because there is something amazing, interesting and inspiring about it.

What made you enter the world of fashion?

KJ: Entering the fashion world was always a passion. I’ve been designing from young, I used to draw all the time. has always been something I loved. Creating and inventing amazing things.

Your pop-up shop was a success! How was the build-up to the event?

KJ: I had 30 days to put everything together. It was a lot of work but I made it through. Sometimes you have to set tight deadline in order to push yourself to the maximum.

Do you feel that it is a tough market for Independent designers in the fashion industry?

KJ: Fashion is a tough industry. There are a lot of talented and creative people. What makes you stand out is what can you create that is new and inspiring. As a designer you have to think outside the box.

If you could style or design a garment for anyone who would it be and why?
KJ: Chris Brown and that is based on his talents. He is a creative phenomenon. Performances are amazing and the artistically he is very influential to the fashion and music industry.

If you could collaborate with one designer who would it be?

KJ: Yohji Yamamoto. His way of construction is amazing. His influences and inspirations translate into his work and what he creates are master pieces.

What’s next for Kamilla Jones and K J MAN?

KJ: Kamilla Jones is an overall brand, I do brand consulting for many up and coming brands, so it is about helping them to success and mentoring them to greatness. I will be designing a new collection for Kamilla Jones Womenswear and travelling to connect with more with my contacts internationally. For K J MAN I will be looking at doing another pop up for K J MAN due to the success of the first pop up and the demand.


What would you say to anyone who would want to get into fashion?
KJ: Be prepared to work hard and dedicate time but the outcome will be very rewarding.

Keep up with Kamila and KJ Man on !

Get purchasing and don’t forget to hashtag #KJMan on social media when your showing off all your new bits from KJMan.

Ones to Watch 2019 …

Happy New Year!

It’s 2019 and there some people who I believe truly deserve some accolades. Since I started I promised my readers that I would bring them in on talented creatives who cater to different areas of general interest. So to welcome in the new year here are some people I’ve had my eye on for a while now and I think they’re going to make a huge impact in their fields this year:

DJ Special D

Special D Has been booked and busy all throughout 2018 and he is keeping the same energy throughout the new year! The South London native and Afrobeats specialist shut down almost every party in Ghana over the Christmas period and new year in 2017/18. He has been maintaining the same high levels of energy and has been consistent all throughout 2018 at various shows, weddings and other events. At the end of 2018 Dj Special D won his SECOND Creative African award. Recently becoming an ambassador for Supermalt, I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for possibly one of the best DJs right now. Catch him on Mystic radio every other Thursday 8pm – 10 pm. Hit him up on his socials @djspecialduk #BookTheRightDJ


Dej the Ego

Dej the Ego has been in the music game for a long time but is only now stepping out as a full established artist as he has been on the producing for a long time. He dropped his EP “Swing” mid 2018 and has received some amazing reviews so far. The visuals for his first release from the EP “Foxtrot” was able to rake up thousands from views within its first week. 2019 may just be the crowning year for this young man as he is rumoured to be producing a project on YouTube. It’s nice to see a multi -talented person showing the world what they can do and there is no stopping him. His next project “Swing 2″ will be out on January 3rd, 2019 on all major platforms. 


Follow him on his socials @dejivu and for music platforms Dej the Ego.

Annette the Artist

Annette is young, beautiful and talented young lady from East London who has put her stamp on art … literally. In a time where social media has developed more singers, rappers and vloggers; Annette has made African contemporary art a success in her own unique way. Her most popular piece, Justice (pictured below), is now being printed on t shirts, phone cases and framed pieces for your home, which can be ordered from her website. The young artist has taken inspiration from her African roots and themes such as love to produce such timeless pieces of work. Her second independent exhibition in December 2018 was a sold -out event and she showcased her newest pieces and also treated her crowd with a live drawing. Visit to view Annette’s work and order your merchandise now!



Oloni & Laid Bare Podcast 

Oloni, an award- winning sex and relationships expert & writer has allowed women all over the U.K. comfortable to explore their sex lives, sexuality and become more daring when it comes to dating. I’m excited for Oloni because she is now advocating consent and making “Consent Sexy”. She has used her platform to get millennials to understand how important consent is. She has recently started talks in secondary schools which allows young people to ask questions on things that people in general may not think about when in comes to sex.


Oloni has also brought back her podcast, Laid Bare. Each week she is joined by Scotty Unfamous and SJ, where they talk about everything that is sex! from consent to your favourite positions, The podcast has regained its consistency and is now available on Apple FINALLY! Although the podcast already has a large platform, it is a podcast that I thoroughly enjoy and can’t wait to see the new heights it will take in the new year. Follow the Laid Bare gang on twitter @ShaniJamilah @ScottyUnfamous & @Oloni


Thats your lot guys! Don’t worry, I have another list of ones to watch coming soon.

Happy New year to my SoNicky readers across the world!