Everyone is Talking About Blue Therapy

Blue therapy hit YouTube a few weeks ago and since then all we have seen on the timeline are continuous questions around the authenticity of the show.  Blue therapy is a reality show on YouTube, based in London brought to you by the infamous trend central team that brought us BKChat LDN.  The show re- … Continue reading Everyone is Talking About Blue Therapy

Getting to know ESI

The entertainment scene in the UK, more specifically London is absolutely MASSIVE! On a scene where rappers and singers seem to be getting all the attention it is definitely the time to shine the light on some of the other talent on the scene. Meet Esi! Esi, is a DJ/Presenter from West London. You may … Continue reading Getting to know ESI

Social Media Reactions to Bugzy Malone’s Motorcycle Accident

Last night Manchester musician, Bugzy Malone was involved in a terrible Motorcycle accident. The accident occurred last night , the location of which is unknown to sonicky.com, However it is known that Bugzy collided with a car whilst he was solo on a Motorcycle. There is no word on how many people where in the … Continue reading Social Media Reactions to Bugzy Malone’s Motorcycle Accident

Mr Exposed faces Social Media Backlash … Again

Keith Dube of the 3 Shots of Tequila podcast has been under fire this week on social media due to some resurfaced tweets. Mr Exposed also known as Keith Dube of Spotify podcast 3 Shots of Tequila, which also includes Marvin Abbey and events promoter Tazer Black, has somewhat been exposed (no pun intended) as some old tweets have resurfaced, where he … Continue reading Mr Exposed faces Social Media Backlash … Again

Ban Drill

A short film released by Krept & Konan, directed by Rapman has highlighted what civilians need to understand when it comes to Drill music. Ban Drill is a short adaptation of the life and surroundings of young people who are affected by a life of drugs, violence and what modern day society labels as Drill … Continue reading Ban Drill


Little is a good-humoured movie that will ensure a lot of big laughs! Earlier this week I got the chance to have a sneaky peak of the new movie, directed by Tina Gordon, in London’s west end courtesy of Vamp UK. Little has some big names in its starting roles; Regina Hall plays a 38-year-old, … Continue reading #LittleMovie

The First Time I Heard Nipsey …

It took me a while to write this piece as I thought I’d never be dedicating a post to someone who has inspired me through their music and also their humanitarian acts under such circumstances. Nipsey Hussle mostly known for being a rapper unfortunately lost his life on Sunday 31stMarch 2019 in his home town of … Continue reading The First Time I Heard Nipsey …

Ones to watch 2019 … Unsigned #3 March Edition

I thought I would do something different with this particular post. So many people reach out to me with music and info on emerging artists, so I decided to do a top 3 ones to watch list of unsigned artists who have recently released new material: Naj Murph: After weeks of dropping clues of a … Continue reading Ones to watch 2019 … Unsigned #3 March Edition

What did NuNu say?

Can we talk about Nunu for a minute?! All my social media bugs would have seen earlier on today that sassy mouth Nunu Obe of BKChat London is trending on social media for the silliest reason … again. Okay so here is some background on this lil situation. So, Nunu appeared on The Sex Clinic show … Continue reading What did NuNu say?

KJ Man By Kamila Jones …

Presenting Kamila Jones & KJ Man! Kamila Jones is a lovely independent designer, who has just recently showcased her latest menswear collection at her first pop up shop. It was a pleasure to be invited to the event and I must say it was a complete success. Her mens clothing line channels contemporary trends and possess … Continue reading KJ Man By Kamila Jones …